VLAN Trunking Setup Using the LCD Interface

Scanner Appliance Version 2.1 or later allows users to configure a single VLAN for scanning traffic on the LAN interface using the LCD interface on the appliance.

A VLAN configuration that is defined in the LCD interface is saved on the scanner appliance; whereas a VLAN configuration that is defined in the user interface is saved on a server at the Security Operations Center (SOC) with your account information. At this time, there is no mechanism to relay VLAN configurations saved on the appliances to the user interface.

When a VLAN configuration exists on a scanner appliance because it was defined using the LCD interface, please note:

      The VLAN cannot be viewed in the user interface. This applies when viewing the scanner appliances list, viewing scanner appliance information, and editing scanner appliances.

      The VLAN can be edited or deleted only in the LCD interface.

      Additional VLANs can be added for the scanner appliance using the user interface. For one scanner appliance, it’s possible to deploy one LCD-defined VLAN and additional user interface-defined VLANs.

      A VLAN configuration defined in the user interface will not override a VLAN configuration defined in the LCD interface. In a case where a user defines a VLAN in the user interface that is identical to a VLAN defined using the LCD, the LCD-defined VLAN will be saved and the user interface-defined VLAN will be ignored.

For instructions on using the LCD interface to setup VLAN trunking, see the QualysGuard Scanner Appliance User Guide. The latest version of this guide is available on the Resources page (Help > Resources).