How to Merge Agent Data

You’ll notice host results from your vulnerability scans and agents are displayed separately in reports and asset views by default. You can choose to merge host results to get unified views of your assets. Just follow these steps.

Run scans using Agentless Tracking

Once your hosts are scanned using Agentless Tracking they are tracked by asset UUID.

What are the steps? Only the Manager primary contact for the subscription can go to Scans > Setup > Agentless Tracking, review the feature description and click the Accept button. Then complete the setup instructions in the online help link before scanning.

Agentless Tracking Setup page

Enable Merge Agent Data Feature

Host data from agents is tracked by asset UUID. Once the Merge Agent Data feature is enabled, we'll merge the host data from scans and agents. Tip - You can toggle this feature to change your asset views at any time.

What are the steps? Any Manager can go to Users > Setup > Cloud Agent Setup and select “Show unified views...”

Cloud Agent Setup page

How it works

An asset UUID is assigned to each host by the first service to reach the host - a vulnerability scan with Agentless Tracking or a Cloud Agent installation. The second service discovers the asset UUID and stores data by this UUID. The combined data will appear in asset views and reports.

Looking for more help?

Agentless Tracking setup instructions

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